In the beginning of April we flew from Lisbon to Porto. It is less than an hour flight to Porto and that is why we were in no time at our destination.
We have been away for 2 days for our City trip to Porto. That is of course not very long but … We have been able to see a lot.

Day 1.

Around half past twelve in the afternoon we arrived in the beautiful city of Porto.
We were very happy that it was not raining as this was predicted .. On arrival we went directly to the hotel to bring our bags.

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After we had taken our stuff we went to the center of Porto. We walked through the pleasant shopping streets towards the old city of Porto. (Ribeira)

Ribeira is an ulcerous center that lights up the Doura River.
Here you will find many narrow streets, colorful houses, wrought iron balconies and many traditional port boats.

During our walk through the old center, we encountered many nice and certainly affordable coffee shops and restaurants.
We found the bars at the river very cozy!

The first day we walked a lot, from Rebeira you can easily get to the other side of the river.
Via the famous metal bridge (Dom luis) you can easily get to the other side. This place is called Nova de geia, here you will also find many nice pubs.

If you do not mind, you can walk up a hill, it is a very uphill walk but then you also have a super nice view over the city of Porto!

If you do not feel like walking all the way down here, you can go down the cable car for a few euros, (6 EUR).
(For a single ride you pay 6 eur and for a return ticket 9 eur per person)

On top of the hill we enjoyed the beautiful view, both during the day and in the evening the view is breathtaking.
In the evening you can enjoy all the beautiful lights that you can see far. After we enjoyed the beautiful view, we went back to Rebeira (The old town)

We have delicious eaten at buraquinho da ribeira, this was certainly not a budget restaurant but we have eaten delicious.  After the delicious dinner we went back to the hotel, where one and the other did not sleep well .. Haha (Patrick)


Our second day in Porto unfortunately started with a heavy rain shower, we are therefore right but rain coats go get.

We had a breakfast at “Cafetaria marbella”, they sell tasty sandwiches, sweet faces and delicious coffee.

This day we walked from Ribeira to Foz do douro via the coast, it is a route of about 6 km walk. During the route you will encounter everything, colored houses tiled buildings and many boats that sail by. You can also take this route via tram for about 3 euros.

With the tram you are very fast but you do not have time to enjoy what you see along the way.
At Foz do douro you end up at the sea and the beach, unfortunately we did not have sunny weather. Because there was a lot of wind we were able to enjoy the rough water and the waves.

We have not been able to stay long because we would fly back in the evening. On the way back we went by tram!
We have walked a bit through the city center and have a drink along the way. After that it was unfortunately time for us to go back to Lisbon.

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Patrick & Tess.

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